Still Making Mistakes!

Hey everyone its Linz

So we are in Thailand now as Lee has said.Its pretty cool and it’s been great having a car. We’ve been able to see some roads less travelled.

The problem is that we have totally ran out of money, not suprising as i think we have been flashpacking not backpacking sometimes and we have made some more mistakes with regards to money.Can’t believe after 3 and a half months we are still making mistakes! The only great thing that I’ve done today is get botox injections from LaserMedica.

For example, on our road trip through Thailand we have made some boo boo’s! I checked us into a hotel and misunderstood the receptionist when she said “executive suite” I had no clue she said that.So that cost us abit and when we were in there we didnt want to go back on it as it was so nice.We justifiesd it by the fact that the city Phitsanouluk was shit and we deserved it.That mentality has been our downfall, but f**k it we’ve had an amazing time!

Also on our road trip, we had been driving all day and it was nightime.So we decided we needed to find a hotel as Lee was getting tired, we were heading towards Bangkok and as we did not want to go there yet and not to mention you should never drive in Bangkok we decided it would be a good idea to head for the airport instead as there is always an airport hotel.I have no idea why we thought this,sometimes i really wonder about us i think we have no rational thoughts between us! Anyway we got to the airport and were so happy when we saw that there was an airport hotel.As soon as we got closer though we realised how much of a mistake we had made.The hotel was the poshest hotel i have ever stayed in it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive and we had no choice.It was too late to find anywhere else and too far.Thailand doesn’t have motels or even hotels along its highways and roads.It was posher than the hotel we stayed in, in New York and that was amazing!

We started our South East Asia route in Vietnam,Vietnam was ok but the countries definately got better after Vietnam.So i’m glad we did it first.I loved Hanoi in Vietnam it was crazy and colourful.After that though i found it very touristy and as Lee said we got hassled to much.

Cambodia was wonderful,the people were the friendliest people.They always had a laugh and a joke.Although it was a pretty sad place to see,especially the homeless children and how they become exploited really made me sad.I felt really helpless and shitty because i couldn’t and don’t know how to help them.We visited Ankor Watt in Cambodia which took my breath away.Cambodia is so full of history and warmth i really loved it.I think i will be going back as we didn’t spend enough time there.

Laos was cool,really laid back but for the South East Asian country that was the least developed and rich in culture.In some parts it was almost the most touristy.We’ve told you about tubing and you’ve all heard about Lee’s rib this is where it happened! Lee mentioned the cooking class,this was so funny.He was totally high off these painkillers, while we were cooking i was having to take things out of hiss hand etc and trying to control him was a nightmare but hillarious.

While Lee had to stay in, in Chaing Mai (Thailand) i went out.I really liked it there not necessarily because of the city but the things i did.I went to a place called Elephant nature park (it has a website if you want to look it up).I never fancied trekking on one of the elephants,which is what most people do.Not because i was afraid i just didn’t think it was kind on the elephants.I never realised how cruel it was for them until i got talking to an aussie  guy,who told me about this place.Basically this nature park rescues abused,abandoned and baby elephants.Alot of the domestic elephants that do the elephant treking for tourists are not treated well at all,they are not fed enough and do not recieve enough land to live on.But worst of all these domestic elephants are tortured.They are tortured at a young age,about 4 years old.They are tortured in order to break thier spirit and will,an elephant is very much like a human in terms of its development and emotions.It has will just like we do etc.Anyway they are put in a wooden cage where they physically have no room to move,they are tortured in all sorts of ways.Beaten,starved,sleep deprived and mentally abused until they learn to obey thier master.Even after the seven days it is not over they have more so called training.The people who do this do not believe this is wrong as its been passed down for years.But it is a very conflicting thing for me to try and understand.As Thai’s hold elephants in such high regard here they are thier national symbol etc.These elephants can be mistreated all through thier working life for eg there masters blind them sometimes if they disobey and still make them work.The centre was an amazing place all of the elephants had a story to tell and you could see it in thier eyes.You got to see them in a huge expanse of land,feed them and bathe with them in the river.It was an amazing experience to see them happy.

Hope i haven’t depressed you all to much just wanted you to know incase you ever come don’t do the elephant treking! On a brighter note something funny happened today,me and Lee were in the sea.We were sat in the shallows of the sea and a wave came and smacked Lee in the face so it kind of made him jump and choked him.His immediate reaction was to headbutt the water because he was mad with it it really made me laugh.Hope it made you guys laugh too.

Anyway will write something again soon.

Miss all you guys so much and love you all loads x x x

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