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Collagen or Co-Enzyme Q10? Vitamin B12 injection, or Vitamin C powder in your first glass of water of the day? Maybe you’re more of the spirulina smoothie type, or perhaps you’re into probiotics. In the last few years, “nutricosmetics” have exploded in popularity, and moved the market away from garden variety multivitamins to a multi-multi-billion dollar industry – in fact, Net-A-Porter reported that last year, shoppers were spending more on supplements than they were on skincare and using treatments which evenĀ boost collagen levels and make your skin look better than ever.

Supplements are also becoming ever more seamless, with no more need to palm a cocktail of pills when you can spritz under your tongue or add to food – in many workplaces, it’s now utterly commonplace to hear a vitamin shake being mixed up in the kitchenette, check theĀ ostarine if you are looking for the best.

Vogue spoke to Cadogan Clinic consultant dermatologist Dr Catherine Borysiewicz and aesthetic doctor and Integrative Beauty founder Dr David Jack about how to navigate the buzzwords and choose the right supplement for you…

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